This web page lists contact information for Cardinal Management LLC incl. mailing addresses, extra company names and telephone number

This web page lists contact information for Cardinal Management LLC incl. mailing addresses, extra company names and telephone number

This web web page lists contact information for Cardinal Management LLC incl. mailing addresses, extra company names and telephone numbers.

This entity appears to be pertaining to Pack Management Group LLC and Federal Assett possibilities.

For those who have any information about or experiences with this particular entity, please write to us.

Company Name: Cardinal Management, LLC.

Additional Business Names / Possibly Associated Entities: Cardinal Credit Cash Advance Worldwide Systems Pack Management Group, LLC. OPD Systems, LLC. Federal Assett Systems

Mobile: 1-866-943-6712 (Cardinal Management, LLC.) (Verified Sept. 26, 2013)

Fax: (none detailed but you could attempt the fax quantity for Pack Management Group)

Address: Cardinal Management, LLC. 2533 North Carson Street Suite 4026 Carson City, Nevada 89706

Extra Address: Cardinal Management, LLC. 9120 Double Diamond Parkway Suite 4026 Reno, Nevada 89521-4842

Associates: Corey Brown Crystal

This target can be employed by Pack Management Group. (different suite quantity but address that is same

On 23, 2013, we received these allegations against Cardinal Management: “The only person I have been able to contact thus far is Crystal august. Crystal recommended there is no body above her to talk to, there’s no VP title with no department that is legal that I can consult with to eliminate whatever they have inked. We took down a $300.00 pay day loan in ’09. Cardinal Management, LLC started taking right out $90.00 from my account that is checking every days and did so up to 7/26/2013. Crystal recommended it absolutely was my issue for maybe perhaps perhaps maybe not calling them nevertheless no way was had by me. We went online as me back if I was going to apply for a new pay day loan and sent an email and well, Crystal with Cardinal Management called. I recently want the amount of money straight straight back this is certainly because of me personally. To spend $9360.00 for a $300.00 loan? That is theft on the component. We have additionally filed with all the Better Business Bureau and planning to register because of the FTC.”

On Sept. 26, 2013, we received these allegations against Cardinal Management LLC: “Entity Details: 1. Cardinal Management, LLC. – 866-943-6712. 2 Federal Assett Systems (Mr. Smith may be the only title this guy would offer me) – 800-557-0982. Mr. Corey Brown (Senior Arbitrator) sent me a contact describing the expected “claim” and 3. some other folks have contacted me personally inside my individual cellular & work phone since 2009. plaint: Since 2009, We have constantly been harassed by a number of people with regards to a supposed “claim/lawsuit” filed by Cardinal Management LLC. When I went online and just sent applications for an online payday loan (that we NEVER accepted due to an uneasy feeling that it was maybe not legit), I became and therefore are still presently in Sept 2013 usually being harassed with telephone calls from numerous individuals claiming that we owe Cardinal Mgmt $738.00!! We utilized a classic savings that are closed to try to get the mortgage. Mind you, we shut the checking account right after trying to get the loans because I started to receive all those phone calls from loan providers and it also frightened me perthereforenally therefore I shut the account in order to prevent any deposits/withdrawals from ing through the account. We work and also have worked in the exact same bank for a long period, haven’t changed my quantity, exact exact same target, all things are nevertheless the exact same. These folks have actually each of my info! I understand and comprehend about judgments, claims, legal actions, garnishments, the entire nine and I also don’t realize them this money, why have they not reported anything to my credit, filed a “real” lawsuit, or even garnished my wages if I so called owe? It’s a secret in my experience! Therefore I continue steadily to get these threatening telephone calls me to court, anything you can think of that they will show up at my job, take. Nevertheless without any evidence that cash was EVER deposited compared to that cost savings, no times, statements, or any such thing. They have been asked by me over and over repeatedly to produce me personally using this information. We have also gone so far as faxing them statements to show that no build up had been meant to that account from their store. It has been a nightmare and I also haven’t any concept what you should do.”

On Sept. 2, 2015, we received these allegations against Cardinal Management: “i really do perhaps maybe perhaps not understand any facts about these social individuals because we cannot find any! They’ve been harassing me personally over the telephone and threats that are making. This can be supposedly about that loan of $500 bucks this is certainly over 6 years old and that no recollection is had by me of creating! You’ll get a run-a-round once you call, they truly are obscure about details and certainly will just except bank card re re payments. Is this a fraud?” Editor’s Note: many thanks for the message. Regrettably, we can’t provide advice for almost any fact situation that is specific. Most of the time, wanting to collect on old financial obligation that you have got no recollection of is mon in pay day loan business collection agencies frauds. Other hallmarks of the kind of scam include harassing/abusive phone calls, reluctance to produce any facts about the expected loan and refusal to offer their pany title or contact information. That’s one explanation we created this contact information list – to assist lawyers, police force and regulatory agencies find suspicious debt enthusiasts. Many thanks for the valuable info!

On Sept. 4, 2015, we received allegations against Cardinal Credit pay day loan which can be regarding this entity: “A pany called my fathers quantity leaving an email for me personally but making use of an old final title that we have actuallyn’t found in 6 years because of engaged and getting married. We called right back and they attempted to state We took down an on the web payday loan online in 2009 and which they had been now ing after me personally and in case I didn’t simply take the settlement of 950.00 that i might result in attorney charges and court expenses, etc. She had been completely reading from the script as soon as we informed her to go right ahead and decide to try because number 1, we knew i did son’t just just just simply take a payday loan out, number 2 we never received and written paperwork of cash owed or court, etc. and no. 3 there was a statute of limits… 6 years is means over that. They make an effort to get individuals who may well not understand their legal legal legal rights and scare them into “settling” and having to pay money they don’t know, and saying it absolutely was quite a few years ago so that you think maybe you don’t keep in mind taking out fully the loan.”

On Sept. 23, 2015, we received more allegations against Cardinal Management LLC: “I received a call from “Global Solutions” about a so-called pay day loan through Cardinal Management. I’ve NEVER within my life used, tried to apply, and even searched for information on a pay day loan. They called me personally in June and I also told them to send me personally information on paper. They of course declined. Today, they called my father-in-law and my sis. Them back, again they refused to send anything in writing when I called. They will have my final 4 of my SSN and my address. Whenever I called my bank, they explained it had been a scam. They threatened appropriate action and wage garnishment.”

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